::commission prices::

commissions are: closed indefinitely. thank you so much!

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terms of service

  1. i won't create commissions for anyone under the age of 18, safe for work or otherwise.

  2. i have the right to decline any commission that comes my way for any reason, and i also have the right to not disclose why i've chosen to decline.

  3. i take payment primarily over paypal. however, i'm also willing to accept gift cards of equal or close-enough-to-equal amounts (amazon or ebay, preferably). i won't take any form of cryptocurrency.

  4. i do not consent to my artwork being used for nfts. do not commission me with this intent.

  5. there is an extra fee if you want to sell your commission/use it for merchandise or advertising purposes. the sum of your total will double.

  6. additional characters, no matter the option chosen, will add $10 to the final price per character.

  7. i am willing to do private commissions (as in the artwork won't be posted to social media), however please keep in mind that i reserve the right to use your commission in my portfolio. please state that you want your commission to be private in your first message.

  8. if your order contains a character you don't own the rights to, please be ready with written permission from the character's owner.

  9. while it's likely your file won't be deleted from my hard drive for a while, it is recommended that you save your commission in multiple places so you don't lose it.

  10. if you decide to post your commission to a social media account, please credit me by linking back to https://expectationemesis.net/

  11. i will not refund your commission if i have already started. the only time i will go against this rule is if my circumstances have changed and/or i don't feel confident i will be able to give you a finished product for any reason.
by commissioning me, you have agreed to the above conditions.

- - -

things to consider before ordering

  1. i struggle with chronic pain. so, depending on how much my pain is bothering me, that may affect the time it takes for me to complete your commission. generally, i get commissions done fairly quickly - perhaps a day or two - however, there have been times where it's taken me longer.

  2. i'm not very good at backgrounds. that's just something i have to improve on. i work best with characters being the main subject of a piece, and if there is a background, it is a pattern or single color.

  3. generally, i prefer if discussion takes place over discord. however, you're free to email me if that is preferred. discord: scardonia. email: razzyscardonia[at]aol[dot]com.

- - -

how to order from me (and not confuse us both)

  1. read this page very carefully, particularly the terms of service section.

  2. send me a dm stating the following:

  3. the type of commission you want (ex. flat color, page doll, etc.).

  4. a prompt of what you want me to draw.

  5. the needed character(s) reference sheet(s).

  6. the style you want (lineart, coloring, etc.) -- link to certain pieces of mine. if you have no preference, don't worry about this step!

  7. after discussion takes place, and i give the ok, i'll send over my paypal link. i won't start working on your commission until you pay me, unless you'd feel more comfortable sending half the payment first, then the other half after i finish the art.

  8. once paid, i will start working. i will be updating you whenever i finish a portion of the piece (ex. sketch done, progress pic sent. lines done, progress pic sent. etc.).
    important: during the sketching and lining phase, you're free to ask for small changes. once i'm onto coloring, i won't make any further changes unless i make a mistake -- it happens! i am only human.

  9. once i deem the piece finished on my end, i will send you a copy. if you don't see anything that needs changed, we're all done! after we've both agreed that the piece is finished, i will not do any further edits on it.

- - -

✓ can do, boss :D ✓ - i work best with...
furries (anthro or feral), My Little Pony OCs, humanoids, cyborgs/androids, light/suggestive NSFW, blood/gore, monsters/creatures.

~ ehhhhh maybe, boss <:/ ~ - i could draw...
real people (with enough references?), scalies, not-so-light NSFW (i am often sex repulsed), shipping (OCxOC, OCxcanon, etc.).

x no can do, boss d: x - i refuse to draw...
reference sheets, NSFW of real people, complex machinery, backgrounds, characters from certain media (if your commission happens to include such media, i will let you know).

this isn't an exhaustive list, as you can tell. if you have any questions about what i am/am not willing to draw, don't be afraid to ask!

though it doesn't appear on the menu below, i also take character design commissions. that's the one and only time i'll ever go against my own guidelines. :P pricing them is somewhat complicated, and i will need to send you multiple images along the way so that you receive the best design i can manage, so much discussion will need to go down. not to worry though, designs generally won't go over $50.

- - -

price information

- lineart

includes a lined drawing. can have sections colored with gray for certain details upon client's request. -- i will also include a transparent version, one that you're free to color if you so choose!
$20 USD

- flat color

includes a drawing with flat colors. will be delivered with a single-color background as well as a transparent version.
$45 USD

- full drawing

includes a fully colored drawing with shading and lighting effects. includes a simple background.
$75 USD [$100 max for complexity -- primarily background related]

- page doll

includes a small/medium transparent pixel art piece intended to be used to decorate a profile page or website.
$15 USD [animated: double total price, no shading: -$5 USD]

- pixel portait

includes a flat color piece lined with a pixel/binary brush. the client has a choice between the lines being drawn with a 1px brush, or a 3px brush. includes basic highlights for free.
$35 USD [extra shading: +$5, non-pattern background: +$5]

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