::site credits::
  1. Google Domains - for the domain name
  2. GitHub Pages - for the hosting
::layout credits::
  1. Say WHAT?! - the site layout (though totally torn apart and bandaged back together) was made by Christine of Lovely Designs
  2. marimo theme by tumblr user meanpost - for the mechanicalanakal page, the layout is in direct reference to the theme i used
::rust //::
  1. Robot by MadlegBadleg
  2. Wolf Mechanical robot by dalibor.pejicic.cns
  3. Rusted Memories by KuRo-04-TsuKi
  4. the smile factory by spx
  5. DIGITAL By Irkis
::bleed :;::
  1. photo courtesy of Devin Taylor of www.thinkingallowedgraphics.com (defunct)
  2. Circuitboard stock by PureStock
  3. 2001:ASO Cinematography Appreciation by taraantinto
  1. Portal 2 // THE ITCH by d1-town-05
  2. Music Stamp by GangsterMuffin
  3. Love Cards by Wearwolfaa
  4. So Many Books by LaPurr

unless made by me, i do not own (nor claim to own) any of the other graphics featured on this site. if you want to be credited (or have your content removed), please get in touch with me.

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