Name: Amber Ren or Raziel (Razzy works too~)
Age: 21 years old. I can't believe it either!
Gender: Demigirl...? (she/her or they/them plz!)
Species: Biomechanical sparkledragon (but wait, there's more!)
Sexuality: Bisexual aegoromantic (also objectum)
Location: The 7th moon of Jupiter
Zodiac: Capricorn, Year of the Snake
Brain issues: Post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, dysthymia, dyslexia/dyscalculia, obsessive compulsive disorder, aaand Tourettes syndrome. Lol girl help

Pictured above is me IRL with one of my multiple fictional husbands. Click to see more!

About: Hi! I’m the webmaster of EXPECATIONemesis. I'm a hobbyist digital artist, and have been drawing since the early 2010s. Queer and proud since I was... like... 13? Certified emotional punching bag. I like to draw furries, pretty boys, and evil women. I'm what we in the trade call a 'huge nerd idiot'. Physically I'm here in the modern age, but mentally I'm chillin' out in 2011 (duh). I was born in a wet cardboard box all alone. My interests primarily revolve around old internet (duh²) especially web archival, and rainbow animals. My brain is, like, elsewhere, d00d. O_o Sassy... if you even care.

I've been using computers since I was, like, really young. My earliest MS Paint drawings I can find come from when I was 8 years old. Everything I knew came from my nerd of an uncle who's a total command line freak. I remember spending hours with him, exploring the wonders of DOS and Windows 3.1. We played a lot of Battlezone, and other junk from Microsoft Arcade. After that, I learned widely through my own exploration. :3 I learned a lot about coding HTML and CSS from editing custom boxes on deviantART, and blog themes on Tumblr.

I have two pets! They're both black cats, and they're both incredibly stupid. I love them dearly.

And now for something completely serious: If you think "pedophilia and incest are horrible, fictional or not" is a controversial statement or disagree with it in any way, I implore you to not only leave my website, but also to seek mental help. I am a CSA survivor, and I don't want you weirdos around me.