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In the beginning, there was nothing...
Well, nothing save for some space dust, a few disco lights, and maybe a couple of gummy worms. :T But anyway, there was nothing... And God said, "Let there be light." And there was light. And that light illuminated the unholy amount of fucking stress brought on by modern social media. And it sucked. It sucked bad.

Hi! I'm Raziel, the webmaster of EXPECTATIONemesis (sometimes typed as ExpectatioNemesis, or ExpNem). Though you may know me better by some of my other aliases, such as CyberAngeldust, Wheatlley, Mechanakal, MechanicalAnakal, etc. If you don't know me, don't worry! I'm just some loser chick who's been online for a lil too long. ;P But if you do happen to know me, it's probably from my past of being a hyperactive fanartist on Tumblr and (for such a brief moment) being a YouTuber. Remember the Hamilton animatics? I try not to.

In addition to this site, I run two others! However, one of them is a bit more... important to me. XD That website is CyberAngeldust. That bad boy contains everything you need to know about my status as an artist - what sites I'm posting on, frequently asked questions, commission information, original character junk, and moooore...? Probably? Hell if I know. :P

I signed up for a Neocities account on September 11th, 2021 after seeing a post on Tumblr advertising the site. I was intrigued by the prospect of creating a webpage -- a place on the web I could genuinely call my own. I'd called deviantART my home on the web for years, but ever since Eclipse happened, and took away the things I adored about the place, it just didn't quite feel like home anymore...

Soooo... yeah! Welcome to my home! ^_^

This site was created on a desktop computer with a 1600x900 monitor using Mozilla Firefox! So it looks best with specs like those. If you make fun of my tiny leetle bitch boy of a monitor, I will be so sad. Anyway, the site also looks fine on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and even Internet Explorer (RIP). However, if you dare look at this website on mobile, you WILL activate a detonation sequence, and your device will self-destruct in approximately ten seconds. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

However which way you ended up here, feel free to take a load off, and go splorin. Want a more guided experience on the EXPECTATIONemesis Express? Check out the sitemap instead...

Can you find the SIX SECRETS scattered around this place? Good luck, some of them are really tricky!

This website was last updated in May of 2023.

site characters

Raziel Scardonia is my main fursona, as well as my namesake. She is a biomechanical sparkledragon -- fluffy and cute on the outside, unholy robotic abomniation on the inside! Being a chaotic nightmare, her primary goal in life is to have fun, and be a menace while doing it. She thrives on annoying the ones who holds nearest and dearest to her heart. She's a tooootal party animal. ;P She's going back to the pond, for she's the silliest goose.
Leizar Ainodracs wishes you the best of luck pronouncing her last name. She's the stereotypical dark, edgy, emo version of Raziel. She's been working on her hair for three and a half hours, and is nowhere near done. When she isn't trying to off herself while listening to 00's alt-rock, Leizar can often be found bullying Raziel, and hitting on her boyfriend, Anscenic. She's here, she's queer, and she isn't broken, so don't try to fix her xx
Sev Exo was just a normal dude before The Military™ got ahold of him! Now, while he's totally killed people, he promises it was purely accidental, and he was simply feeling a little too silly that day. One moment he was in a hospital bed, the next moment he woke up in a secret government lab, and wasn't human anymore. He's a super sweet guy though, he promises he won't murdelize you if you come down this dark alley. Sev just wants to be friends!

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