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In the beginning, there was nothing...
Well, nothing save for some space dust, a few disco lights, and maybe a couple of gummy worms. :T But anyway, there was nothing... And God said, "Let there be light." And there was light. And that light illuminated the unholy amount of fucking stress brought on by modern social media. And it sucked. It sucked bad.

Hi! I'm Raziel, the webmaster of EXPECTATIONemesis. You may know me better by some of my other aliases such as CyberAngeldust, Wheatlley, Mechanakal, MechanicalAnakal, etc. I am a hyperactive fandom-jumping fanartist! I've had decent followings on Tumblr and YouTube in the past, in fact. ^^ If you don't know me, don't worry! I'm just some loser chick who's been online for a lil too long. ;P lol

If you've come here from a signature on one of my many drawings littering the interwebs, and want to view more of my silly works, head over to... this link! There, you can find more information about my work. ^_^

I signed up for a Neocities account on September 11th, 2021 after seeing a post on Tumblr advertising the site. I was intrigued by the prospect of creating a webpage -- a place on the web I could genuinely call my own. I mean, I had called deviantART my home on the web since I was a teen, but ever since Wix did something super uncool, and took away the things I adored about the place, it just didn't quite feel like home anymore...

Soooo... yeah! Welcome to my home! ^_^ Don't forget to wipe your feet on that mat, yeah?

Please be advised: This website is not for everyone! If you're sensitive to any of the following topics, it is in your best interest to leave. -- Suicidal ideation/self harm, gore of varying degrees of intensity, reclaimed slurs, flashing images/high contrast colors.

This website is best viewed on a desktop/laptop computer! It was created using Mozilla Firefox, Opera GX, and Microsoft Edge, so it looks best on those browsers.

I will also say that this website runs at a loss - I don't make any profit from here. Webmastering is purely a hobby for me.

This website was last updated in November of 2023.

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