in the beginning, there was nothing... well, nothing save for some space dust, a few disco lights... :T but ANYWAY, there was nothing... and god said, "let there be light!" and there was light. and the light illuminated the unholy amount of f*cking stress brought on by modern social media. and it sucked. it sucked bad, humble visitor.

hello and welcome to my website! this is the home of raziel scardonia, your webmaster for this evening. by day, i am a hyperactive, fandom-jumping, fanartist. by night, i am... well, just about the same thing, really, just a little more sleep deprived. XD

you may know me by my some of my previous aliases, such as cyberangeldust, wheatlley, mechanicalanakal, etc. i've had decent followings on tumblr, deviantART, and youtube in the past! if you don't know me, though, don't worry! i'm just some loser chick who's been online for a lil too long. ;P

this site looks fine on most desktops and/or laptops, as well as most major web browsers! however, mobile viewing is somewhat discouraged.

to navigate this site, use the stamps on the right. ^_^

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