::frequently asked questions::

can i use and/or repost your artwork?

if your intent is to use the piece as in icon/header/whatever other customization thing, i really don't mind. all i ask is that you credit me by linking back to this site.

if you want to repost something, please let me know beforehand so that i'm aware of where my art is going. please keep my signature intact, and link back to this site.

the above statements do not apply to drawings of my OCs or commissions (unless you are the client).

- - -

can i draw your designs? + can i take inspiration from you?

this depends on the context. i'm fine with gift artwork being made for me, just so long as it isn't NSFW.

i can't stop anyone from being inspired by me. all i ask is that you don't trace, copy, or directly lift elements from my designs in your work. put your own spin on it!

- - -

where do you post your art?

this varies a little too much for me to give a clear answer, unfortunately. ^^; i post on a few websites, but i don't always upload consistently.

- - -

what tools do you use to draw digitally?

programs: paint tool SAI v2, flash CS5.5, rebelle 5, gimp 2.10
tools: wacom intuos small (CTL-480) + wacom cintiq 16 (DTK-1660)

- - -

what's the best way to contact you?

my discord: scardonia. either that, or any of my active social media accounts.

either way, i can't guarantee i will respond quickly. i'm not very social. :P

- - -

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