::about me::

name: raziel scardonia (i also go by lawrence, ren, + others)
age: 23 years old (01/17)
gender: non-binary demigirl (irdc about pronouns lol)
species: biomechanical sparkledragon
sexuality: bisexual grayromantic
location: the 7th moon of jupiter
zodiac: capricorn, year of the snake

i am raziel! in the past, i've gone by more than a dozen different names, as my sense of identity is about as stable as wet cardboard. i started out my interneting back when i was but a leetle creatcher, sometime in 2012. i spent most of my times on girl game websites (rip games2girls, you were a real one), youtube, and everyone's favorite website, good ol' deviantART. these days, i do just about the same, just with a lot less girl game websites, as flash is extremely dead. thank god for emulators, amirite?

my interests tend to revolve around anything electronic, whether that be the music genre, or some kind of computery-type thing. i'm also an enthusiast of dead dove content. i've been in fandom for all my internet-life, and making fictional characters suffer through all kinds of torture is my favorite passtime. heart emoji.

being disabled, i don't do anything for work besides the very occasional art commission. speaking of which, i've been drawing since the early 2010s. like most people, i started out drawing traditionally, then moved onto digital once i was able to acquire a tablet. i tend to focus my talents on nostalgic pieces, as those bring me the most comfort. also a LOT of weird gory stuff. it's fun 4 me. ^_^

socially speaking, i am very horrible at talking to people. XD given past relationships, i'm pretty selective on who i associate with. i prefer to keep to myself rather than go out and make friends. some may call it lonely, but whatever. :P so, if we are in contact, and i randomly stop talking to you for weeks on end, please don't take it personally! you are not the only one lololol

- - -

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