About the Webmaster
About the webmaster -- information about yours truly!

Pictured above is me IRL with one of my multiple fictional husbands. Click to see more!

Name: Raziel (or Razzy, Ren, whatever, if we're friends)
Age: 22 years old. I can't believe it either!
Gender: Non-binary demigirl (she/her or they/them)
Species: Biomechanical sparkledragon (but wait, there's more!)
Sexuality: Bisexual grayromantic
Location: The 7th moon of Jupiter
Zodiac: Capricorn, Year of the Snake
Furry code: (What's this?)
FDDcp3/6a A++? C-- D H+ M- P++++ R++ T+++ W Z- Sf# RL- a cw+++ d-- e** f++ h-- iwf++ j--- p+ sf#

Anyway... Hai, I'm Raziel Scardonia!!!
Or am I?I also go by Amber, Ren, or Lawrence! Try to stick to Raziel, though. :P
I'm a hobbyist digital artist, and have been drawing since the early 2010s. Queer and proud. Weirdo freak of a furry. I'm what we in the trade call a 'huge nerd idiot'. I supposedly have an IQ of 128, but I know damn well I'm a tard. My interests primarily revolve around old electronics, web archival, and rainbow animals. My brain is, like, elsewhere, d00d. I was born in a wet cardboard box all alone. I've been in the Pillow Room for two and a half hours. Am a certified emotional punching bag. Misanthropic to my core. O_o Pretty sassy... if you even care.

I've been using computers since I was, like, really young. My earliest MS Paint drawings I can find come from when I was 8 years old. Everything I knew came from my nerd of an uncle who's a total command line freak. I remember spending hours with him, exploring the wonders of DOS and Windows 3.1. We played a lot of Battlezone, and other junk from Microsoft Arcade. Back when I still attended public school, I also had the chance to mess around with Macs, too! I couldn't tell you what version they were, given that I was a child, and I'm not really an Apple fan, but I thought they were pretty neat.

You can often find me here in front of my desk on my PC, double-clickin' on my mizouse. There, I can be seen drawing a number of horrifying things all while listening to tuneage via Winamp. What's silly about that is that while I get most of my tunes via MP3s, I have a decent lil' collection of CDs to listen to. Then again, dismanteling my shelf just to acquire one (1) disc isn't often on my to-do list... blegh. :P

I also enjoy spending hours and hours sifting through the Internet Archive, just havin' a lil' looksie around. Nostalgia is a finnicky thing, though. Rose-tinted glasses. Nobody's immune to it. As much as I miss the early 2010s/late 2000s, they were not as pleasant as I'd like to remember. The internet has always been, and always will be, a cruel place. u_u But it's whatever! I'm not gonna let a bunch of jagoffs rain on my parade, and you shouldn't let 'em either. Remember to take a break from all the noise, okay? Go outside (weather willing lol), get some fresh air. Pet a dog, if that floats your boat! Enjoy sunshine on your skin.

"But Raziel!!! *cough, cough* What are you up to NOW?!" you scream helplessly at your monitor.

Well, humble website-viewer, as of September 2023 I am:

Watching... A whole bunch of questionable Minecraft content! Weird how there's been this weird boom of MC creators within the past few years, eh? Heck, I'm almost considering becoming one myself! Become one with the Minecraft Hivemind... OAO
Reading... The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien!
Writing... *has forgotten how to write*
Playing... Minecraft, if you couldn't guess. Sooo much Minecraft. I hope to beat the game for the first time ever. ^^ (← She has been playing this game on Peaceful mode since she was 12)
Learning about/researching... Useless lore! Is it Minecraft lore? Is it lore regarding Tolkien's silly elves? Who knows! It's probably both. :P
Interested in... Old computers, sparklefurries, trains, and elves!
Working on... Trying to shove suicidal thoughts back in the closet before something extremely silly happens!
Feeling... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAjust fine, how about you? ^^