Greetings and salutations, digital passerby! Glad you could stop by EXPECTATIONemesis' first Halloween. Alright, technically its second Halloween, but being a loser coward, I didn't do anything last year... :( Anyway! This page was created to be apart of Yesterweb's fun (and/or spooky scary) Halloween event.

I've always loved this time of year. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to Autumn break. I remember the excitement I'd feel growing stronger with each class. Each classroom (or Powerpoint presentation by the time I was in virtual classes haha) would be decorated with the cheesiest purple-orange junk imaginable. It was a rarity that I'd actually go trick-or-treating, but the festivities were more than enough to please little ol' me. Even as an adult, just seeing decorations and candy fill the local shops fills me with joy. XD

Regardless! You're not here to hear/read a multi-colored dragongirl ramble on about childhood memories. You're here for a treat! Well not to worry, I've got some web goodies for ya~

Below, I've laid out some adoptable animations you're free to snag! Credit isn't required as my username is in the file name, but it would be appreciated nonetheless. ^^ Happy Halloween!
Please host them on your own site in case I royally mess up my folders in the future lol