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Contact information -- just like it says on the tin!
Discord: scardonia
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Site Credits
Site credits -- also excruciatingly self-explanatory!
Important! I do not own, or claim to own, the vast majority of the graphics used here. Those graphics belong to their respective owners. Please contact me using the above methods if you own anything featured and want to be creditted properly. Thank you!


  1. Transparent gradient hr tag
  2. Censorship Panda button by Amber M. Williams
  3. [FTU] Rose by Ghost-Echo
  4. Hyrbid font by Beyond Design (Ola Björling)
  5. Various emoticons sourced from deviantART


  1. Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman
  2. Stamp: Eeveelutions by Espyfluff
  3. A Little Disordered by Midnight-Specks
  4. Stamp: Emotionally stunted by Azrael-Legna
  5. Never... by prosaix
  6. Bone Divider by Gasara
  7. Skull Bullet by Gasara


  1. :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase

Otherkin - Rust //

  1. Robot by MadlegBadleg
  2. Wolf Mechanical robot by dalibor.pejicic.cns
  3. Rusted Memories by KuRo-04-TsuKi
  4. the smile factory by spx
  5. DIGITAL By Irkis

Otherkin - Bleed :;

  1. Photo courtesy of Devin Taylor of (defunct)
  2. Circuitboard stock by PureStock
  3. 2001:ASO Cinematography Appreciation by taraantinto


  1. Celldweller stamp by capitaljay
  2. Pendulum Stamp by Keeji-d
  3. NIN Stamp by Keeji-d
  4. Blue Stahli Stamp by Rynndig
  5. Monster cat Stamp (UPDATED 2018) by VaporNinja

Shrines - Klayton:

  1. The blinkies and 100x100 icons were created by me.
  2. All other assets shown belong to Klayton or NinjaJo in some capacity.

Shrines - ohGr:

  1. Album art and CD were snagged from Discogs.
  2. Gifs are from this page:

Shrines - Grimdark MLP:

  1. Stamp: MLP Cupcakes Fan V.1 by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69
  2. Pinkamena - Fan Stamp by BlackMambaZANE
  3. CRAZY PONIES by AlicornParty
  4. I guess 'children's show' means nothing. by Techgirl10
  5. (EYE STRAIN WARNING) creepy pinkie is creepy. by x-nauts
  6. Dark Side Stamp by lovelyfantasy
  7. Rainbow Factory Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
  8. Cupcakes Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
  9. Equestria font by Pixel Sagas
  10. Cupcakes (Original) on My Little Pony Pasta
  11. Cupcakes Pinkie Pie by Kloudmutt

Shrines - The Crying Spell:

  1. The background was scrounged up from their old website.
  2. Most photos can be found on their Facebook page.
  3. Other pics can be found on Nouveau Arcade's Instagram page.
  4. Also SavoiaPhotographyLive

Shrines - Minecraft

  1. Minecraft Dirt Wallpaper by averagejoeftw
  2. Minecraft Divider- Enemy Mobs #1 (Tiny) by caramel-dixon on dA
  3. f2u enderman stamp by Flynnator
  4. Indev Minecraft Stamp by Soulbutters
  5. Minecraft Stamp by Ymeisnot
  6. -Minecraft- Dr. Wood Puncher by NorthboundFox
  7. Creeper Stamp by XDiaLinnX
  8. Minecraft Stamp by RandomTons

Shrines - Thomas and Friends

  1. Dan MacKellar's pixel renditions of Thomas, James, Henry, and Gordon