Commissions are open!

There are 4 slots available out of the original 6.

General Guidelines
  1. I have the right to decline any commission that comes my way for any reason, especially if it makes me uncomfortable, or if I otherwise don't believe I can give you a quality product.

  2. Payment will be made after discussion takes place. I will not give out refunds unless I haven't started working on the commission. If you feel more comfortable sending half of the payment first, and the other half once I'm done, then that would be fine.

  3. I will not work without a reference sheet, or at least multiple full body images to work off of. I would prefer a digitally made one, but a traditional sheet with digitally-matched colors would work. I will not work off of a description, nor am I comfortable with you allowing me to have artistic freedom. The pressure would be far too much for me to handle. :P

  4. You are free to ask me for updates whenever you wish, but I will also be updating you whenever I finish a portion of the piece. For example, once the sketch is complete, I will send you an update. Once the lineart is finished, I will send you an update, etc. During these updates, you're free to ask for changes to be made. However, if I feel that you're making too many demands, I won't be afraid to say no.

  5. Any edits can be made for no extra cost while the piece is being worked on. Once the piece is finished, I will not do any further edits on it.

  6. Feel free to print your commission for personal use, such as t-shirts or stickers, however you are not authorized to sell copies to make a profit.

  7. Additional characters, no matter the option chosen, will add $10 to the final price per character.

  8. If you decide to post your commission to a social media account, please credit me as either CyberAngeldust, EXPECTATIONemesis, or Raziel Scardonia. Given that those names are decently unique, linking back isn't all that necessary.

✓ CAN DO, BOSS :D ✓ - I work best with...
Furries (anthro, feral, sparklefur or otherwise), My Little Pony characters, humanoids, cyborgs/androids, light/suggestive NSFW, blood & gore. I specialize in making cute characters suffer horribly!

~ EHHHHH MAYBE, BOSS <:/ ~ - I could draw...
Real people (with enough references??), scalies (why do you think Raziel's covered in fur?), not-so-light NSFW (I'm not afraid of drawing a penis I prommy, I'm just selective on whose penis I draw.)

X NO CAN DO, BOSS D: X - I refuse to draw...
Reference sheets, NSFW of real people, complex machinery, complex backgrounds. I refuse to depict hate art of any kind, or anything literally illegal. Requesting such topics will result in a block.

Though it doesn't appear on the menu below, I also take character design commissions. That's the one and only time I'll ever go against my own guidelines. :P Pricing them is somewhat complicated, and I will need to send you multiple images along the way so that you receive the best design I can manage, so much discussion will need to go down. Not to worry though, designs generally won't go over $50.

Things To Consider Before Ordering
  1. I struggle with chronic pain. So, depending on how much my pain is bothering me, that may affect the time it takes for me to complete your commission. This is also why there are limited slots. Generally, I get commissions done fairly quickly - perhaps a day or two - however, there have been times where it's taken me longer.

  2. I'm not very good at backgrounds. That's just something I have to improve on. I work best with characters being the main subject of a piece.

  3. Generally, I prefer if discussion takes place over deviantART Notes, Discord DMs, or Instagram DMs. Links to those can be found on the contact/credit page linked above. I'm not too crazy about giving out my Email to a bunch of people. :P

Price Information
Includes a lined drawing. Can have sections colored with gray for certain details upon client's request.
Bust: $15 USD // Fullbody: $25 USD

Flat color
Includes a drawing with flat colors. Will be delivered with a single-color background as well as a transparent version.
Bust: $35 USD // Fullbody: $45 USD

Full drawing
Includes a fully colored drawing with shading and lighting effects. Includes a simple background.
Bust: $55 USD // Fullbody: $75 USD ($100 max for complexity)

Page doll
A pixel art drawing intended to be used to decorate a profile page or website.
Fullbody: $15 // Animated: Double total price

Doodle page
Includes a total of five drawings in one canvas.
$55 USD for 1 flat-color and 4 linearts // $85 for all flat-colors.