This is a creepypasta that SomeOrdinaryGamers read back in 2015. I have been unable to find a written copy of the story anywhere, no matter how hard I look. It isn't on the Creepypasta Wiki, nor is it on SOG's Wiki. The description for the orignial video is unable to be viewed below the 'read more' button, so there was no link. I even tried to put "" into the Wayback Machine, and got nothing. :(

So, with nothing to show for my efforts, I decided I could do nothing else but transcribe it myself. I'm just glad Mutahar decided to read the story word for word rather than summarize it. If you would like a narration to listen to while you read, here's a link to the version on his archive channel.

Update, Feb 2023: Apparently someone has made a transcription of this story on the SOG Wiki, so the link above does actually work now. It isn't the original version of the story, and this is evident by the fact that the page was created in November of 2022. My transcription, as well as this page, was made in June of the same year. In my opinion, the version on the Wiki is inferior due to the innaccuracy of its text. The transcriber took some liberties in wording, which is something I personally frown upon.

Warning: The following content may be disturbing to some users. If graphic descriptions of gore and mutilation make you uncomfortable, this is your chance to turn back.

The Depths

Narrated by Mutahar of SomeOrdinaryGamers, written by an unknown author. Video source. Mirror download.

Ever heard of a game called The Depths? It's not surprising if you haven't; it was never released to the public. Bootleg copies were spread in the United States from roughly 2006 to 2007, but it was completely gone by '08. To date, only a few people have reported knowing of the game, and even fewer have actually played it. It's still unknown who developed the game or where it came from, for details are not found anywhere within the installed files.

Additionally, no one has ever finished the game due to the gratuitous amounts of scarring images protrayed in the trauma that have followed. The following is a description of the deaths from those who have played it.

The users who have successfully installed the game said that after installation, their computers never functioned the same. Freezes, blue screens, and file corruption were common after playing. The only way to remove the game was to wipe out your hard drive. There was no deletions of the files, and uninstalling nothing, it would stay on the computer, never leaving. Some users even reported seeing the file being duplicated to different parts of their computer, a cloning of sorts, making the file appear in unwanted locations.

The setting of the game is supposedly a mountaintop, as it is a snowy environment, and whenever the player would walk too far, they'd fall and die. Not much can be seen in the beginning, just snow; an endless display of falling snow. This is what frustrated players the most. They try walking in every direction to find only more snow, until they fell off the endless array of white, and died. This is where most players stop playing, though the persistent gamers found an alternative. It took multiple deaths, but after players eventually found where they were supposed to go (down as soon as you spawn) you can look down, and see a bolted door. Opening it takes you to the next sequence of the game.

As soon as you open the door, the player starts to fall into a pit of darkness. It is pitch black, and all that can be heard is the sounds of the wind as you fall, and after about 20 seconds of non-stop falling, you see light at the end of the tunnel. The player reaches the bottom of the pit, and as soon as they touch down, a scream can be heard. The player is now in a large room with no doors or exits, just the light next to them, and the tunnel above them. The walls are covered in blood, the light is flickering, and the sound of faint mumbling is played in the background. This area is where most players quit, either out of boredom or fear.

There is nothing the player can do at this point, except to walk around the room looking for whatever it is they are supposed to do next. More sounds begin to play while walking, wind blowing, water dripping, and growling. Players usually hear the growling behind them, and in fright, turn around rather quickly. When the players turn around, they see, for a split second, a dark figure run away into the darkness of the room. This ocurrs every time the player makes a sudden look behind them.

Touching the dimly lit walls makes the game freeze for a moment before returning normal. More and more sounds start to become audible, and eventually piano banging and screaming become more and more frequent. The volume of the noises increase over time, and some users try to mute their sound, but can't. The noises continue playing over and over until they are at an ear-piercingly high level.

All players to this point experience the same thing. Their game flashed, their mouse wouldn't work, and the room would suddenly be full of dead bodies. Lifeless corpses flashing out of nowhere surround the room, and pile up until the player's practically covered in bodies. Each one of the corses are mumbling indistinguishable words, their mouths blurting nonsense, while their eyes appear to be open, but are pitch black. The player is forced to stay with the talking corpses, for they are stuck and cannot move. The only thing they can do is look around them, and see the bodies staring at them, and talking in a foreign, demonic tone. At this post, the player is unable to pause or close the game. They can only look, and see the corpses speak to the player in gibberish words. This only happened for a short period of time. By this point, most of the remaining users have already shut down their systems.

The corpses eventually start the chant their nonsense in unison. In one last scream, they all spread their mouths wide open to impossible lengths. It looks as if their jaw should break as they all scream in an alarmingly high volume. The collective screams of the bodies get louder and louder, and more distorted. As soon as their screams become ear-wrenchingly unbearable, the screen cuts to black, and the screams suddenly stop. This darkness lasts for a very long time.

The player starts to hear someone laughing close to them. The laugh is off, though. It sounds as if someone has messed with the audio. The laugh gets closer and closer until finally it ends with one final 'HA' playing loudly. This noise is accompanied by the picture of an old man's face, crippled with age, and taking up nearly the entire screen. He has his mouth wide open, smiling. This frame only appears for a split second, though. Afterwards, the dark descends. Although there's only a sliver of light, the player can look down and see their body tied to a wooden pole. This part of the game is what users describe as the worst. The light above them shining onto the player is confined to a small circle around the player. Small shadows start fading in and out of the circle onto the ground. The shadows look like mangled and distorted bodies.

Finally, the footsteps are heard, the old man from the photo can be seen in full now as he walks towards your pinned body. He's short and bald, his face is down, and he's wearing only ripped pants. His torso is almost completely torn in half. The only thing keeping his body from not splitting in two is the thread of skin connecting his neck to his head. His left leg is replaced with a long, rusty, metal tube. He inches towards you with scissors in his hands. The scraping of the tube against the floor gives the players a 'nails on a chalkboard' feeling.

When he's right next to you, he looks up. The players can see his face in full. The man's face looks the same as it did when it flashed before. The eyes seem to be missing. His mouth is open, smiling, and covered in blood, blood that looks days old, and dried out. He starts rotating his head as he stares at you with his mouth open. The player can only look around them, unable to move. The man lifts up his crippled arm, holding scissors, and jams them into your body. Blood spurts out of your body in abnormally large amounts. The few players who experience this seem to describe it as horrifyingly realistic. The man then takes the scissors, and brings them up to your neck, leaving a zipper-like effect on your chest. The player's body is cut wide open, and guts pour out all over the man's torso. He then removes the scissors, reaches to the floor, and picks up a mirror, turning it towards you. Although, the player's face cannot be seen in the mirror.

The player's chest, now cut in half, can be seen in its full gruesomeness. The man then drops the mirror, reaches down once more, and picks up an axe. He swings the axe to the pole you are tied to multiple times, until you and the pole you are attached to fall to the ground. The player is now staring at the ceiling, listening to the old man laugh. He kneels down in front of your face, mouth still open, and lets out one last 'HA'. He stands up, walks around the player with his axe in hands, dragging his metal leg across the floor as he walks. When he reaches the player's feet, he lets out three words in a disgusting, repulsive voice. "Just like," and for the last one, he raises the axe about his head, stares at you, rotates his head, and yells "me".

The game continued. Few players remained up to this point. After the old man chops off your legs, he continues to laugh and turns his head. The blood from your wound sprays all over his split torso, while all the player can do is look around, and see their mangled corpse tied to the bloodstained pole. The man drops his axe. He comes right to your face, kneels down, opens his mouth to an impossible lengths, and he seems to swallow you. The game stutters for a moment as the old man's mouth is all that can be seen by the player.

Instead of cutting to darkness, you are instantly placed in another scene. This time, players were in a long, dark hallway lit only by torches on the walls. The player is limping, and the player can only walk in one direction: forward, towards the end of what seems like an infinite hallway. With each step the player takes, the camera shakes and gets blurry until finally nothing can be made out, except dim circles of light. Through this blurriness, a small figure seen in the distance looks like the same figure seen in the shadows of the room before. It is disfigured, deformed, and instantly the figure jumps into the player's view as the screen becomes clear once more.

From the few players that remain, each one reported seeing a different figure jump towards them. It was - to each of them, though - horrifying. The fear they felt that one moment was indescribable, so overwhelming that all of them quit that game that very moment. The users that played the scene reported that the game had short-term effects on their mental health, but no long-term repercussions.

To this day, though, no known user has ever played past that point.