Transcribing is something I've always been somewhat interested in, even when I wasn't aware of it. :P I've been transcribing various media since I was a young teenager, and have continued to do it on and off over the years since.

I suppose my interest in transcription has something to do with OCD, given that's something I've been diagnosed with. I'm quite obsessive about things, and equally as stubborn -- if I want to figure out what something says, but is obscured somehow (either by music, sound quality, or whatever), I will find a way to accurately write it down. Even if I have to have a friend or two help me. ^^; Having said that, Allow me to note some credits.

Rasquathena, Rhogeminid, and Kevin Preston have helped me with various The Crying Spell songs! Particularly, the trio have helped me piece together Midnight Supernova and Android Lust. Thanks, guys!


Individual tracks
  1. Run Riot - A Light Goes Off (Run Riot Remix)

  1. The Depths as narrated by SomeOrdinaryGamers