As a kid, I didn't have a lot of friends in real life. Though due to me being pulled out of the local brick and mortar school, and put into a cyber alternative, and being one of the 'weird kids', I guess that isn't all too shocking. And since my schooling was online, I spent a lot of time on the computer -- much more than before when it was just a fun thing to do when my uncle came over and was messing with DOS.

Between scrolling through deviantART way before I was supposed to, and playing silly girl games on various sketchy websites, I played a whole ton of virtual worlds. This page will be a little difficult to make, as 99% of these games have since shut down, but it wouldn't feel right not to make a page about them. These games took up a whole chunk of my childhood. :P

Littlest Pet Shop Online

This was one of the first virtual worlds I think I ever played. The game was announced in 2009, and shutdown in approximately 2011. For something that held such a special place in my heart, and had such a grip on me, it's hard to believe it was only active for such a short amount of time. I remember being so heartbroken when I found out it was shutting down.

I have saved so, so many images and videos from this game. I've scoured the internet, trying desperately to find things relating to the game I loved so much as a 9/10 year old. I even made a loop of the track that played whenever you entered someone's house. If you'd like to have a peak at my collection, let me know!

I also spent some time on VIP Pets, but I don't have much to say there...


I believe I first joined in the midst of a Halloween event, or the trailing end of one. I don't remember interacting with many people. I spent most of my time exploring the world itself, playing Top Models Inc. Fashion Show, and messing around with the pet stuff. I remember really loving the pixel art in the game, and the overall art style was really pleasing to the eye.

I think what makes this game so difficult to remember is the sheer lack of things you could do as a non-premium member. Then again, pretty much every virtual world faced this issue.

Club Penguin

I don't think there's a single teenager (or young adult now) out there that doesn't remember Club Penguin. Despite being Disney garbage, this game was another one of my favorites. Like the others on this list, I never really interacted with a lot of the users. That wasn't why I played. I played this game primarily for the PSA Secret Missions.

I've always loved point-and-click adventures, and the Secret Missions were just that, but in little mini-game form. They had loveable characters, fun storylines, and funny moments -- all more than enough to keep young me entertained. There was one mission that I could never get past... *shudders*

I've played on a number of private CP servers! I think my favorite was Club Penguin Rewritten, which was a pretty damn faithful adaptation, but that has since shutdown. Of course, like everything else, Disney has to ruin everyone's fun.

I can still hear the creepy 'Panfu dot you essssss' jingle from the commericals they used to play on TV. I have a picture I made in MS Paint from the year 2011. The eyes... they haunt me.

I never was really bothered by the premium membership stuff in this game! Granted, there were a few road blocks in the leveling system, but that didn't bother me too bad. I mostly enjoyed playing the quests. My main issue was that after getting past certain things in those quests, you would have to wait until the next to get to the next part. Tomorrow would come, and I would try it again, only to get told once again that I'd have to wait. This would happen a lot. -_-

Besides the quests, I actually did manage to interact with other kids! As is standard in kids' virtual worlds, there was a lot of adoptions, censored violence, and all manners of terrible things. I loved it!

Eco Buddies

I think I got called a racial slur on here.


I don't remember much about this game.

Petpet Park

Petpet-freakin'-Park. Besides Littlest Pet Shop Online, this game was my favorite. Yeah, the premium membership stuff was annoying and absolutely everywhere, but the storylines of the quests were more than enough to keep me engaged. I remember playing this game for hours and hours as a kid, just walking around the Park, collecting various little food items and other lil' trinkets. The mini-games were really fun too!

Funnily enough though, despite loving Petpet Park, I never got into Neopets. Heck, even these days with its various remakes, it just seems so... boring. Oh cool, you get a pet whose name is real fuckin' weird due to limitations, and you have to feed it constantly. The games give you very little in terms of money in order to get stuff. You struggle. Your pet dies. You didn't get that kind of shit with Petpet Park. You know what you got? Noodles. From a volcano. You got to befriend a giant spider. A wizard cat and a witch hated each other so much. It was awesome.

Moshi Monsters

... Real talk, did anyone ever know what to do in this game? There wasn't a chat. There wasn't a lot of games, besides the ones seemingly ripped from somewhere like Agame or Box10 or whatever. There were shops! There were houses to decorate. There were moshlings... ones you couldn't get if you didn't fork up some cash. There was gardening... which was also a pain if you didn't pay for membership. And that was... about it.

As fun and colorful as the graphics were, this game got really boring really quick. RIP Moshi Monsters... your commercial had a pretty catchy parody of Hey Mickey, but you... were not fun.

Katsuma 4 lyfe bby


Did this really count as a virtual world? All I ever did was look at the avatar shop for hours n' hours gawking at other people's amazing Flash skillz, and go to that one Halloween area and fuck around. I don't remember talking to a lot of people in this game. I don't remember seeing a lot of people either. Though I suppose judging by the various screenshots I've seen, people definitely played this game. Oh well. :P

Animal Jam

This is one of the few games on this list that is somehow still alive. Really, after all these years (the game was released in 2010, and it's 2023 as of writing this), the original game is still very much alive. Granted, you have to download a .exe from Wildworks' site, but it's there, and the userbase is very much active.

I remember getting on this one pretty early on, maybe around 2012? I also managed to get chat permissions by being a cheatsy little bastard. I've also managed to keep the same account I've had ever since I was a kid. Cutecat90 is still kickin', baby! Anyway, anyway. I roleplayed on here a lot. Like, a lot. Like most, I spent most of my time in the Pillow Room, either adopting someone, or being adopted myself. Last words I'm gone and I love AJ.

Pixie Hollow

Ohh fun, more Disney garbage. I don't remember much about the game itself unfortunately, though I do remember really loving the art style, and the initial character creation being fun. Besides that... I got nothin'.


The World of Cars Online