This page is dedicated to my awful terrible bastard of a fictional husband, Kaine! He's from a book called Blackstar, written by a dude by the name of Joshua Viola! Which is a book that is semi-related to Celldweller's electronic rock album Wish Upon a Blackstar.

I've been in love with Kaine ever since I first started reading Blackstar, so about early January 2020! Funny thing, Kaine seems to tick off everything on my 'attractive character' list. He's 1. evil, 2. old, 3. a robot (cyborg? whatever), and 4. a man. Am I lame? Am I predictable? Perhaps I am, but at least I have fun about it. :P

Now I'm not gonna lie, Kaine is a horrible dude in canon. He is the antagonist, after all. Those guys are generally evil. But this guy's comically evil. He's Saturday morning cartoon villain levels of horrible dude. Do you know how many temper tantrums this dude's thrown? Or how bad his god complex is? It's nuts. BUT ANYWAY! I'm not going to use this page to ramble on about how poorly written his character, actions, and really half the book was... no, that'd be silly.

Now look at him. Look at my stupid dumb bitch of a husband.

A simple reference sheet I made for him! A redraw of the original.

Ain't he a cutie? Oh, the things I'd do to squish his stupid metallic cheeks... *dreamy sigh*

I have a headcanon voice for him! Well, a couple actually. I like to imagine he narrates in Retros, though I suppose it'd make the most sense if that was Rezin's voice. But whatever! I also like to think he sounds like the sound bite that says "This time make sure they're all dead before you leave," in Jericho (Circle of Dust Remix). I can't decide which one makes me squee more!

Songs I associate with my darling bastard include...

Anyway, now Blackstar's got a canon story, but I've thrown 90% of it out the window in favor of my own take on it. What? The book frustrated me. :T I've got an AU! Granted, an AU I haven't fully fleshed out, but it's better than nothing. I use it primarily to write silly lil one-shots anyway, so I'm not too worried about it. XD SO. There's a lot to cover, but it basically boils down to this:

Instead of being with Rezin (sometimes), Venus was married to Kaine. She witnessed him commit a murder, which made her leave Central and explore the Outlands. There, she met Rezin. Things happen like they did in canon, with the Outlanders attacking Kaine, the attack failing, etc. Instead of Kaine doing... something that came out of nowhere, Joshua... he wipes her memories of the murder and her experiences in the Outlands, and makes it seem as though nothing had ever happened. Following this, Venus returns to being his loving wife, and she treats him as such. However, guilt quickly begins to plague Kaine's mind. Eventually, one evening he finally snaps, tells Venus everything, and when she doesn't believe him, he shows her the retro containing her memories.

Below, you can find a small snippet of the drawings I've made of Kaine. These are my favorites out of the dozens of other doodles scattered across my harddrive with this idiot's face on 'em. Click to see bigger versions, rollover for associated commentary! And by commentary, I mean me either gushing about him, or roasting him relentlessly. Am I too mean to him? Nooo...