Shadow Spooky Francis (aka Mr. Shadow) is a male black cat who was born some unknown in 2020, and I've decided his birthday is Halloween of that year! He was adopted on January 9th, 2022. The lady I bought him off of was a real jerk, and didn't seem to care about him at all. When we got him, he had ear mites, he wasn't vaccinated, and he wasn't fixed either. >:( Fortunately, he's doing a lot better now! He's even been chipped! He's a playful boy, very affectionate. When he meows, he sounds almost like a kitten. You can often find him cuddled up to his favorite piece of plastic, snuggling my gray bunny plush in front of my closet, passed out under the rocking chair, or attempting to murder his mousey toys.

Ember Ashton (aka Stinky) is, we're pretty sure, a Black Smoke Maine Coon! On the listing we bought him from, Ember was listed as a girl, but a trip to the vet proved otherwise. He was the kitten to a stray cat who unfortunately passed away around July 4th, 2022. He was 8 weeks old when we got him, so we will be celebrating his birthday sometime early in July/August/whatever. Ember is pure evil, and loves to attack his older brother, Shadow. He's also very cuddly!

In the past, I've had two other cats, Carl Sheen and Hayley Jay, but they've unfortunately passed. I have a memorial page set up for them here.