Dream diary
This page will primarily cover nightmares and other weird dreams, rather than any good ones. This is mostly because the bad ones tend to be the most interesting, and I don't really have a lot of good dreams. ^^; So, if you're bothered by unreality and generally uncomfortable situations, it may be best to click that handy dandy little back button on your browser. Just a warning. :P

Assorted snippets from February, 2021
A bomb that goes off in the distance. The effects don't reach the brothers and their father until hours later. They stare at it from inside their household. Brothers are in bed and they're talking. Suddenly this green smokey mist overlays everything. Colors get weird. Time freezes. One brother asks if he's moving, other brother tells him he flinched. Their bodies start morphing due to the radiation.
- - -
Cartoonesque, Sam & Max style maybe? Fox character trying to outrun dog character. The dog is trying to get a sample of his DNA for some reason. Fox climbs on top of a tall, dark blue, elevator-type thing, just out of the dog's reach. Dog has to go back to his office, fox stays put. They have witty banter throughout this exchange.
- - -
Strong scent of something old and musty. Scene is a side road, overgrown alleyway, next to a blue pickup truck from the 70s. Scene flashes to grimy basement. Putrid liquid is dripping from the ceiling. Raven from Scandroid is there, and he's naked, bloody, and starving. A old man with a gruff voice says, "That friend of yours was turned into fuel."
March 16, 2021
Early 3D skybox. The sky is a light purple, dull pink color. There are big puffy clouds. The floor is floating in this skybox, a silver reflective surface. There's a smaller platform above it. A tall, white, slightly curved staircase leading up to it. There's furniture you might find in a living room there, it's all white, but has light green accents. I think there's people here. There's a villanous looking man. Black hair, black outfit. He looks weak. He gets hurt.
July 20, 2021
Main character gets into argument with man. Could be his father? They're related. Both the man and family dog got fatally wounded in home invasion. Forget how dog got hurt. Man's head smashed against top of doorway. They get stitched together by main character. Main character feels guilty as both are clearly suffering. Dog's head is replaced by a piece of the man's. Most of his head is gone. Cut to the top of a wooden staircase with red carpet going down it. The room is dark, save for a solitary bright lightbulb. The dog's head is there. Part of the man's head is stitched onto it. Their eyes are constantly wide and they are perfectly still. 3D model-esque.

"They kept staring at each other, trying to recognize one in the other," is said while the dog's head and the hybrid stare blankly at each other.

Guilt overwhelms main character. The dog's head gets tossed out hallway window directly into a garbage can. Dog/man hybrid gets tossed in soon after. Looks like a painting from Brave Kitten. "I should've known that the hurt ran further than skin deep." Fades to black the man's eyes close.

Sometime... don't remember when in early 2022
Early 2000s FPS, think Half Life-type deal. Crawling around in air vents, they're dark yellow-green and clearly rusted. Occasionally opens up to bigger room with the same texture covering it. There are rectangular pillars in these rooms, and there are multiple exits, sometimes high up on the wall. There are big, lowpoly rats exploring the vents alongside me. Cut to a dark living room, peering in through the window - blinds are open. A presidential figure is there, visuals now look like Robot Chicken, and he's in danger of being found out about something. There are other people in the room.
Early August, 2022
I time travel back to the year 2005, when my mother and I first moved to our current house. There are five other cats I don't recognize, a white one, a calico, a ginger tabby, and some others I don't remember. I'm in the backyard on my stomach, petting them. Though curiously, I'm in the neighbor's yard. The house looks different than I remember. There's a cluttered mess of trinkets and knick knacks, though all in my mother's preferred style. There is a close up of a vintage set of items placed in a shadowbox. On the interior of the box, it reads 'in god we trust'. I find a digital camera, the same small gray one we have in real life, and I start taking pictures of everything. Eventually, I find my mother, and she asks me who I am. I try to warn her about everything, the neighbors, her brother, the police. She's confused, but thanks me. I ask her if I can keep the camera. I tell her "I miss this, I don't want to lose this." She says yes. I wake up.
September 2nd, 2022
Scene is my dining room, sometime in the late 2000s. The room is a dark yellow-orange. I am seated at the old computer desk, right up against the screen of a CRT monitor. On the screen is the Care Bears game, 'Let's Have a Ball!' but not... exactly. There's a new game which involves a platformer. Between the platforms themselves are tight, narrow pathways, barely big enough for Lucky Bear to walk through. The background is a light pink, and the platforms are fluffy clouds with no discernible outline. As I'm struggling to navigate the samey looking landscape, I come across a locked pathway. I try to find a key. The segment is timed. I fail. There is someone behind me, gripping the back of my chair. They sound like a bratty teenage girl, and they're saying something to me, but I can't quite make it out. I see shadows at the edges of my vision. The dream abruptly cuts to Bedtime Bear looking afraid, trapped in a blue-colored room with pink platforms, levers, and iron gates. He's crying by the time I'm ripped away from the desk.
Sometime in September, 2022
Dream takes place outside, zoomed in on brown, dead grass. Third person perspective shows an extremely tiny deer running through the dead grass field. Occasionally there are fences, run down and falling apart. There are pieces of dully colored blue paper with pink/white hearts glued onto them tied to the fences with red twine. Looks almost like Valentines Day decorations? There is a scraggly man trying to get to the deer.

This wouldn't be the first time I've had a dream about a tiny deer! I used to have this recurring dream when I was much younger about a tiny deer running across beige carpet. I was always so worried about the deer getting stepped on. There was always someone else there, an aunt I think.
- - -
There is a stone tower in my backyard. It looks ancient, covered in moss and mold and looks as if it could topple over. The stones are wet and slippery as if it had been raining. The tower is falling apart. The two old women who are snickering and being... stereotypically evil are trying to keep the tower from falling. Suddenly there is an overhead view of the tower in a bright green field. There are other towers like it, some much taller and in much better shape. The original tower is next to a stone pathway.
September 10th, 2022
Lineless pixel art, Atari 2600-style graphics. Teal as a primary color, light yellow, pink, and burgundy also make an appearance. Half the screen is an alarm clock blown up - each hour is a different color. On the other side is a pink man lying in bed, perspective shows him from the foot of his bed. Once an hour passes, there is a different minigame. The alarm goes off, sounding similarly Atari 2600-y with its beeping. The man is startled awake. This sequence was shown in between other dreams I was having at the time.
September 12th, 2022
Scene is Minecraft, climbing up a tower comprised of spruce, ladders, and a bright teal wood. A wizardy, time sort of theme. Ladders were placed haphazardly, and required a lot of sick parkouring to get to the top. Once at the top, player falls to the bottom. While falling, camera zooms in on what's downward, and on the floor was a banner with a spooky face on it meant to look like Herobrine's eyes. I know why I got this dream - I've been watching a lot of Minecraft prank idea videos. In this dream, I even got up and wrote it down.
- - -
Top down perspective, old style adventure game. Looks like a western. Reminds me vaguely of the World of Cars Online game minus all the cars. I remember something about there being a speech bubble with an apple in it, and the phrase "did you get the hay?"
- - -
A mean-spirited Tumblr post on a burgundy blog that basically directing the user to look back at the original post. It was a heavily stylzied drawing of the Scooby Doo characters. There was a conversation between Velma and Daphne. Fred (a goose with a backwards cap) looking bored/annoyed next to Shaggy (who was not a goose). The conversation was something about a wet noodle.
September 13th, 2022
Recurring dream. My mother sends me up to Giant Eagle, local grocery store. It doesn't look like it does now, more like it used to when I was a kid. But... different. It's far bigger than it's supposed to be, and there's new sections where there would usually be another store. Keep seeing myself running down certain aisles. It's late at night, and the store is closing soon. After much struggle, I manage to find the groceries I was meant to get, but something goes wrong around paying. Sometimes I don't have the right cards, sometimes I have just enough cash to make it out. The dream always ends with me losing something. On one occasion, there was a bus on its side where there's an overhang out in front of the store.
November 10th-16th-ish, 2022
Two dreams keep switching back and forth. First is from what appears to be a television show recorded on film, has that fuzzy sort of look, maybe 70s-era. Shows a messy office space, papers overflowing a dark oak desk. Clutter litters the floor. Cut to a dark corner. Inside a leather briefcase is what appears to be a screen with red, green, blue, and yellow in vivid pastel. Cut to second dream. Platformer from the early 2010s. Pixel style. Landscape has me mostly blocked in, can only travel in straight lines or right angles. Have to make these long jumps in order to progress. Time is running out.
March 24th, 2023
There's an early 90s-esque box art for a game called Deformative. Game is a parody of Neil Gaiman's books The Sandman, but since I have no knowledge about the series, the game is nothing actually like it.

It's a dark parody, where all the characters (a family consisting of a mother, father, two children, and I think an aunt) are puppets/ragdolls. Patchwork beige skin, beadys eyes sunken into fabric, stitched smiles, yarn hair, old faded clothes. All the characters are killed off one by one in gruesome manners, very bloody. As more characters are killed off, realistic eyeballs heavily shaded are shown staring at the viewer. Once the game has been beaten, the mainscreen where all the characters are shown below the yellow, creepy font of the title, all their faces are covered with the same image of an eyeball.

Ads about the game warn parents to discourage their kids from playing it. There's a scene with a 10 year old boy (brown hair, brown eyes) with what appears to be a board game version of it, begging his mother to let him get it.

Cut to a Google search screen of somebody looking up 'deformative' and getting extremely random results. Mostly features cheap plasticy kids toys, things you may expect from dollar stores or vending machines. They seem frantic, trying to find anything to do with the game.

Abruptly cuts to another game of the same title, but it's your run of the mill trash mobile game. Not Popcore-levels of cheap, but coming very close. It has an isometric perspective, and lineless vector graphics. You play as a mother (looking like Lily from Lily's Garden) who is trying to help her son take photographs. After taking a photo of a large teal dinosaur the appears next to their wooden house, the screen smears. During this transition, it shows their house and everything around it falling into the blue water and sinking. As this happens, the mother and son are walking away (as if on solid ground, despite being on water), and looking afraid, holding each other close. They walk into a tiny, two person boat, and the game starts. What's being seen is actually a playthrough played by CJUGames, and he's narrating his opinion of the game as he figures it out. After crashing into and collecting enough boxes with coins in them (the ones with gems are locked), he goes over a rocky ramp, and the level ends. The dream ends abruptly.

May 9th, 2023

I'm up at [shopping center] sitting in a lawnchair that's half on the sidewalk, half on the road. The glare of sunlight is obscuring my vision, but I think our neighbor Betty is there, and she's complaining about something. Suddenly, I look down at myself, and see that my limbs are covered in self-harm-esque cuts. This sends me into a panic. I look around for a store so I can get bandaids. The sky becomes pitch black, and while I'm still stumbling around trying to find a store, a sketchy old man starts talking to me.

"You need help, girl? You need help?" I don't respond, I'm for some reason unable to. At first he seems genuinely trying to help me, but then his mood turns sour, aggressive. "Then again, with cuts like those [unknown] that's how you get guys in trouble." At this point, he starts to persue me. I make it back down to where the bus stop is, and thankfully there's one right at the stop. There's multiple other people standing there waiting their turn to pay. As I'm waiting for my turn, I'm begging the bus driver, or anyone really, for help. Suddenly the sketchy old man is back. He gets his ass kicked by multiple people, I assume those waiting, and somehow the man gets his leg chopped off at the hip. The insides are a bright, neon red. I ask the driver if he could take me to [my town] and he seems hesitant, but says something like, "I could get you close to it."

Suddenly, we cut to a shot of the bus I was trying to get on in the middle of [city]. We're stuck in traffic. Next to the us is what looks like a tank/bus hybrid - just imagine your standard bus, but it's painted olive green, and has a tank gun on top of it. It's a tense moment, waiting there in traffic. I'm standing somewhere at the front of the bus, nearby the driver's seat. I can hear him talking to someone over the radio.

The scene switches to a close up of the area on top of our bus. The tank/bus' gun swivels toward us, and the (smaller, lighter colored) gun on our bus (which has suddenly appeared) swivels to meet the barrel of the first. All the while, I can hear the bus driver saying, "Sir? ... Sir? Yes, sir. ... Yes, sir." The bus driver fires first. The tank's gun bleeds an olive-colored liquid, looking like dirty water.

The bus driver has a grim realization. The scene changes, but I can still hear him talking. "I just set off all of the [unknown]. There's bombs circling around every store now, about to decimate the population." Cut to a wide shot, high above a shopping center. "Every pot, and every toy, like flower pots." A toy aisle at what might be a Dollar General, Christmas-themed decorations everywhere. There are two floating flower pots, which explode into dust and dirt. I woke up feeling very worried about the bus driver.